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Evaluation Rounds - Weights

When using number questions (quantitative criteria) in evaluation rounds you may choose to weight each question different. Weights are optional and if none of the numeric questions in your evaluation round have an assigned weight they all count equal. As soon one question has a weight then the sum of all weights in that evaluation round must equal 100%.

For example if you ask your judges to evaluate team, product and presentation on a scale from 0 to 5 then, you may want the total (aggregated) score to be consist 50% of team, 35% of product and 15% of presentation scores.

CriteriaExample WeightingSubmission / Innovator 1Submission / Innovator 2Submission / Innovator 3Submission / Innovator 4
Total (Aggregate) Score(100%)2.35 (50% x 3 + 35% x 2 + 15% x 1)153

Not all questions need a weight even if others have weights assigned.

CriteriaExample WeightingSubmission / Innovator 5Submission / Innovator 6
PresentationEmpty (=0%)50
Total (Aggregate)Score (100%)2.75 (75% x 3 + 25% x 2)2.75 (identical, because presentation is ignored for aggregate)
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