Setting up your custom instance of Innoscout

If your plan includes a custom instance of Innoscout there is some setup necessary to link your subdomains to our servers and setup the email communication and other settings.

Your steps

Step 1

First you must decide which on some domains and settings you want to use.

Name Example Description
Platform Domain (URL) This is the URL that your Innoscout instance will be reachable at. It will be used in all links to startups, evaluators and your team.
Platform Email Domain When startups communicate with your platform via email they will receive email from <someidentifier> and can directly reply to these emails. They are then imported into the platform. This domain is only visible on these email addresses.
Platform Name YourCompany Scouting Portal
Notifications Email
This email is used when the platform sends notifications. The Domain portion of the email address must be verified with our Email Service Provider (i.e. Postmark) and therefore requires some configuration (see below). Sometimes it can be easier to have the email address run on the same domain of your platform instance, but feel free to use a top-level (i.e. an email if your IT administrator can accommodate it.
Notifications Email Display Name Usually same as platform name Used as the display name for email notifications sent to users.
Support URL Link to your support documentation or help site Used in the notifications email and around the platform for helping users
Support Email
optional, defaults to the Notifications Email Name but could be your help desk:
Terms of Service URL optional, points to your own terms of service document which must superceed Innoscout's terms of service.
Privacy Policy URL optional, point to your own data privacy document which must superceed Innoscout's privacy policy.

Copy the table above to a document or spreadsheet so you can edit the values to your own values. Decide on the domains, email addresses and settings you want to use. Next provide your Company Logo as a SVG (or PNG with at least 1000px width) and a Corporate Identity Guide. Forward both to your account manager for the initial setup.

Step 2

You will receive further instructions for the DNS records required to setup your domains from your account manager.

Step 3

Once you have setup your records tell your account manager. We will then wait for the DNS propagation (can required up to 72h, but usually faster) and verify your records have been setup correctly. 

Note for Cloudflare users: Due to the verification process required at the beginning of your setup, please configure your DNS records to by "Proxy-Bypass" in Cloudflare allowing our servers to verify that you have set them up correctly. Also configure SSL to use "Full" (not "Flexible") mode to ensure all connections are encrypted.

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