Question Types

When creating a questionnaire in Innoscout you can select from different question types. 

There is a set of custom questions that you can use to ask for specific data of a certain type:

Name Answer Type Examples
Short text Single line text Name, Tagline
Long text Multi line text Description
Link Single URL
Number Number (with up to 4 decimals) with min and max checking Age, Percentages, Financials
Selection Selection from a list Program selection
Multiple Selection Multiple selections from a list Keywords, Tags
File File upload (extensions can be specified) Pitchdeck
Image File File upload restricted to image formats  Logo
Date A date Founding date
There is also a set of template questions that you can use to ask for commonly requested data which have special handling in Innoscout:
Question Type Description Answer Type Options
Company - Website Public website of a company Link  
Company - Logo (for web use) Logo of company in any image format File upload  
Company - Vector Logo (for print) Logo of company in a vector format so it can be used for printing purposes Image upload  
Company - Presentation Video Link Link to a video of a company presentation / pitch  Link  
Company - Tag Line Tag line of the company Short text answer  
Company - Description A description of the company Long text answer  
Company - Country of Incorporation The country the company was founded in   List of UN recognized countries
Company - Industries The key industries the company operates in Selection or "other value" Automotive, Banking, Capital Goods, Commercial & Professional Services, 
Consumer Durables & Apparel, Consumer Services, Energy, Food, 
Hardware & Equipment, Health Care, Household & Personal Products, 
Insurance, Manufacturing, Materials, Media & Entertainment, 
Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology / Life Sciences, Real Estate, Retail, Software & Services, Telecommunication, Transportation, Travel
Company - Audience Market Type The audience type the company is targeting Selection B2C, B2B, B2B2C, C2C, B2G
Company - Stage The development stage the company is in Selection Idea, MVP, Seed, Product-Market Fit, Growth, Established
Company - Business Model The business model(s) the company operates  Multiple selection or "other value" See list
Founders - Number How many people are in the founding team Number  
Founders - Presentation Video Link Link to a video showing the team Link  
Contact - Phone Number Who to contact via phone Short text answer  
Product - Name Name of the product Short text answer  
Product - Website Website of the product Short text answer  
Product - Description Description of the product Long text answer  
Product - Presentation Video Link Link to a video showing the product Link  
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